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Formulary items 5 matches
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Formulary BNF Category
  Aluminium Chloride Hexahydrate 20% in Alcoholic Base  (Driclor) Antiperspirants - 13.12
  Chlorhexidine Gluconate 2% in Isopropyl Alcohol 70%  (ChloraPrep) Chlorhexidine salts - 13.11.02
  Ethanol (Absolute Alcohol) Injection Other items - 16.01
  Polyvinyl Alcohol  (Liquifilm Tears or Sno Tears) Tear deficiency, ocular lubricants, and astringents - 11.08.01
  Povidone-Iodine Iodine and Chlorine - 13.11.04
Non Formulary BNF Category
  Alcohol Alcohols and saline - 13.11.01
  Chlorhexidine Gluconate Solution 2.5% (≡ Chlorhexidine Gluconate 0.5%) (Alcoholic) Chlorhexidine salts - 13.11.02
  Coal Tar Extract 5% (Alcoholic)  (Alphosyl 2 in 1) Shampoos and other preparations for scalp and hair conditions - 13.09
  Ethanol (Absolute Alcohol) Poisoning - 18

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link in subsection Alcohol-use disorders: physical complications (NICE CG100) (04.10.01)
link in drug section APC ClinDoc 002 - Alcohol Treatment Pathway for Nalmefene (04.10.01)
link in drug section NICE TA 325: Nalmefene for reducing alcohol consumption in people with alcohol dependence (04.10.01)
link in drug section UKMI QA: alcohol and methotrexate guidance (08.01.03)
link in drug section UKMI QA: Methotrexate and alcohol guidance (10.01.03)
link in drug section When can I drink alcohol after finishing metronidazole? (05.01.11)

SubSection Titles / notes  
Alcohol - (04.01.01)
Alcohol - (18)
Alcohol dependence - (04.10)
Alcohol dependence - (04.10.01)
Alcohols and saline - (13.11.01)