Report : Traffic light status report 18/06/2018 12:37:51
Section Name Number of items
Amber Amber  246
Brown Brown  159
Green Green  2122
Red Red  584
Unknown Unknown  1019
Berkshire West NHS

 Traffic Light Status Information

Status Description
 Amber Medicines that should be initiated or recommended by a specialist for continuation in primary care. The specialist must notify the primary care provider that the prescribing responsibility has been transferred. Where applicable, shared care protocols will be agreed and must be adhered to. The shared care protocol must have been agreed by the relevant secondary care trust Drugs and Therapeutics Committee(s)(DTC) and approved by Berkshire West APC.   
 Brown Drugs that have been reviewed and not recommended for prescribing. These drugs are not considered a cost effective use of scarce NHS resources. There may be individual patient specific or clinical reasons why a drug deemed low priority may be suitable for a particular patient. This is for the GP to condsider, weighing up the reasons against his/her allocated CCG budget. Where the decision is made to prescribe a low priority drug, detailed documentation must be included within the patients' notes for audit purposes. *Please note that low priority drug requests are unsuitable for the Case Review Committee and therefore should not be sent to this committee.   
 Green Medicines suitable for routine use and can be prescribed within primary care within their licensed indication in accordance with the BNF or other recognised national formulary. Primary care prescribers take full responsibility for prescribing  
 Red Medicines which should be prescribed by specialists only