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 Formulary Chapter 10: Musculoskeletal and joint diseases - Full Section
This formulary is used by multiple organisations. There may be some instances where an item is on the formulary for one organisation but not the others. To help distinguish between each organisation, text will be colour coded, i.e. information relating to the Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust will be in blue and Berkshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust will be in purple. Please ensure you read all information detailed under a drug.   
Numbers in brackets indicate counts of (Formulary items, Non Formulary items)
10.01 Drugs used in rheumatic diseases and gout (0,0)
Rheumatoid arthritis and other inflammatory disorders (0,0)
Osteoarthritis and soft-tissue disorders (0,2)
10.01.01 Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (6,50)
Aspirin (0,0)
10.01.02 Corticosteroids (1,0) Systemic corticosteroids (0,0) Local corticosteroids injections (5,5)
10.01.03 Drugs which suppress the rheumatic disease process (0,0)
Gold (0,2)
Penicillamine (1,1)
Antimalarials (1,1)
Drugs affecting the immune response (19,2)
Sulfasalazine (2,0)
10.01.04 Gout and cytotoxic-induced hyperuricaemia (0,1)
Acute attacks of gout (1,0)
Long-term control of gout (3,2)
Hyperuricaemia associated with cytotoxic drugs (1,0)
10.01.05 Other drugs for rheumatic diseases (0,2)
10.02 Drugs used in neuromuscular disorders (1,0)
10.02.01 Drugs which enhance neuromuscular transmission (0,0)
Anticholinesterases (3,1)
Immunosuppressant therapy (2,0)
Acetylcholine-release enhancers (0,1)
10.02.02 Skeletal muscle relaxants (4,3)
Other muscle relaxants (0,1)
Nocturnal leg cramps (1,0)
10.03 Drugs for the treatment of soft-tissue disorders and topical pain relief (0,0)
Extravasation (0,0)
10.03.01 Enzymes (1,1)
10.03.02 Rubefacients, topical NSAIDs, capsaicin, and poultices (1,1)
Topical NSAIDs and counter-irritants (2,14)
Capsaicin (3,0)
Poultices (0,2)